150 Days - the true story of how I lost 88 pound and became a mountain goat on the Pacific Crest Trail

The Pacific Crest Trail will change your life...

Lise Kristine Viken was an overweight nicotine slave, out of shape and struggling to breath. Desperately seeking a lifestyle change, a book about the Pacific Crest Trail set her dreaming. Inspired by hikers half her age, she left Norway and stepped onto the PCT...

The Pacific Crest Trail has been called North America's toughest hike. Stretching from Mexico to Canada across the high mountains of California, Oregon and Washington, the 2,650-mile trail can defeat even the fittest and most experienced hikers.

Facing the deep snows of 2017, Lise swiftly discovered that the PCT was more beautiful and challenging than she'd ever imagined. The obstacles were many, but the healing power of nature, the kindness of strangers, and her own self-belief, kept her moving.

150 Days is an unforgettable true story about an extraordinary journey of transformation. Written with humor, honesty and charm, it is an inspiring testament to what chasing dreams and never giving up can accomplish.

If 150 Days doesn't motivate you to live your best life, no book ever will.

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